Chasing More


Chasing dreams, possessions, and power seem to be the things we run after but never catch enough of to satisfy. We chase things the world has to offer, things that temporarily captivate. Too late, we see it all run through our wrinkled fingers. And then, we wish we ran after something we could actually hold onto. David had … [Read more...]

Birds of a Feather


I’ve had some time (yes, time!) for the past few days to do something I don’t often get to do. . . . notice. So, there's been time to rest – read – heal and watch Little House on the Prairie reruns while recovering from a surgical procedure a few days ago to remove a seemingly miscellaneous organ. The gallbladder … [Read more...]

Sacred Silence


Do you ever feel like God is screening your calls? You’re desperate to hear God’s voice, but heaven is still. Years ago I thought the only word I heard was “Stop that!” followed by the shoulds, oughts and cant's. Then sitting at the Father’s knee, I became familiar with His voice speaking above the clashing sound of … [Read more...]

Everybody Has a Story


We all have a story and we love to hear stories. When I was a child, I loved listening to stories of long ago as my grandmother told it – weaving life into gold. It allowed me to see glimpses of the fleeting moments of her metamorphosis from young girl to the wise and wrinkled on the pages of her story. Stories were … [Read more...]