Beyond the Veil


Imagine life without a prayer . . . for the mother whose son is on drugs, for the man who sits at the bedside of a terminally ill wife, for the abused and confused child . . . imagine. But, we don’t have to imagine life without prayer –– unless we don’t pray. How many people have you spoken with who are experiencing a … [Read more...]

Once Upon a Testimony

Every one of us has a story. And every one of us who believe Christ has transformed our life has a testimony, the greatest story ever told. Some say it’s a private story that should be told to only certain ones in a certain place, maybe they don’t want to offend, or maybe they just don’t know how to tell it, so they don’t  . … [Read more...]

Peace in the Pieces


As of this moment, kind friends, spring is 19 days, 11 hours, and 12 minutes away. You’re counting, too – I just know it. There have been countless times when I have wished for a countdown while waiting for peace to come . . . We sometimes wonder if peace is hibernating when facing a bitter season of life – sort of like … [Read more...]