Broken Cisterns Made Well


Sometimes we can feel like we’re in an arid state of mind and spirit. Dry from running too fast through life, not stopping long enough for a refill or repair. We quench the parch only to get thirsty again . . .  and again. Our schedules are filled to the brim while we leak out trying to fill the holes with even more … [Read more...]

Blog Hop Trail


Consider a world without blogging. We would be missing out on a lot of how-to and inspiration. The birth of the blog came along in late 90s but what were we doing before then?  I suspect mastering the art of life, families, home and hearth, but not necessarily sharing all that we learn or looking for all that we still need to … [Read more...]

Woodstock to Wonderstruck


Growing up in an age of innocence followed by one of the most violent decades in American history was a bitter mix. The 1960s were a major turning point in the history of our country when social upheaval dominated the landscape. Having one foot in the fifties and one in the sixties became a difficult path to walk. Where were … [Read more...]



How do you define an expectation – something far out of reach? I recently had a quick conversation with a wise man who reminded me that hope and expectation are different, but the same. What? So, I looked both words up in the Greek and found the word hope means favorable and confident expectation. Sounds like faith. The … [Read more...]