The Write Hoarding


So, the other day a squirrel boldly invited himself to join friend Lori and I for lunch while sitting down by the pond at the Greater Philly Christian Writers Conference. We knew right away this was a street-smart campus squirrel that knew where to get the grub. His survival strategy worked like a charm – sit too near to a … [Read more...]

White Flag Prayer


There’s been much said about flags lately, so it brought to mind the white flag that represents surrender.  There are certain times when we are called to surrender.  Have you ever prayed a desperate prayer - one from the gut of despair? You may have experienced times when you cry out and feel you must not have been heard. … [Read more...]

Art of Lingering


I made the mistake of glancing at my summer calendar and noticed there was no time to hyperventilate. It looked like the next nine weeks were written in stone – on paper. I couldn’t get out of anything. I thought summer was supposed to be lazy-hazy.  It made me homesick for the simple life. What an archaic and charming word – … [Read more...]

Do the Word


Can a small book with only five chapters change the course of life? See for yourself and read the book of James tucked in the back of the New Testament. But, then you have to do . . . Think about it, why do you go to church or read the Bible – to stay the same?  It’s important to be more than hearers. We’re to be doers, … [Read more...]