Blog Hop Trail


Consider a world without blogging. We would be missing out on a lot of how-to and inspiration. The birth of the blog came along in late 90s but what were we doing before then?  I suspect mastering the art of life, families, home and hearth, but not necessarily sharing all that we learn or looking for all that we still need to … [Read more...]

Woodstock to Wonderstruck


Growing up in an age of innocence followed by one of the most violent decades in American history was a bitter mix. The 1960s were a major turning point in the history of our country when social upheaval dominated the landscape. Having one foot in the fifties and one in the sixties became a difficult path to walk. Where were … [Read more...]



How do you define an expectation – something far out of reach? I recently had a quick conversation with a wise man who reminded me that hope and expectation are different, but the same. What? So, I looked both words up in the Greek and found the word hope means favorable and confident expectation. Sounds like faith. The … [Read more...]

Storms and Snakes


Faith is a journey. I don’t know about you, but there have been times when my journey seemed like a series of shipwrecks and snake bites. In Acts 27 and 28, it tells a little of what the apostle Paul experienced while walking out (and swimming) his faith journey across land and sea. It all began way back on his road trip to … [Read more...]

Chasing More


Chasing dreams, possessions, and power seem to be the things we run after but never catch enough of to satisfy. We chase things the world has to offer, things that temporarily captivate. Too late, we see it all run through our wrinkled fingers. And then, we wish we ran after something we could actually hold onto. David had … [Read more...]