Tangled Trust


Many wonder what true trust and faith looks like in everyday life.   Me, too. Next week a few Jesus-lovin gals from our Precept Bible study are going out to the Lancaster area to see the premiere show of MOSES.  I’m excited. An incredible journey comes to life in every show while you sit on the edge […]

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Desert or Dessert

It seems no matter how early Ash Wednesday shows up on the calendar, we have the assurance Spring is waiting around the cold corner to pour out new life and breath. While the earth sleeps under a heavy blanket of snow, we’re called to wake up during Lent.  We need a season of new beginning […]

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Cardinals and Crutches

Countless Pennsylvania snowstorms, power outages, lost work, and accidents brought me low this morning.   But, I wasn’t seeing the big picture at the moment.  I was busy looking at the small picture of me. After all, it seemed there was nothing more limiting than snowdrifts a few feet high except one foot adorned with cast […]

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What’s Love Got To Do With It?


Everything. The tangled love story of Hosea and Gomer is an unforgettable picture of God’s covenant love for His people.  We sometimes shy away from the book of Hosea because it can be confusing, but if you want to see Jesus in the Old Testament, it’s a must-read. The real life couple star in the […]

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Dead of Winter Brings Life


One of the amazing things about nature is how God has given the ability to recreate itself.  I’m counting on this when I look down-deep beneath the snow and know there is life in the cold earth just waiting to spring forth. It’s easy to feel as gray as the day when dark creeps in […]

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